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Published on December 5, 2004 By InBloom In Blogging
*drag out the old dusty christmas, tree....or bribe someone to do it...of course there is nothing better than the real thing...but the pine needles falling all over the place...well, it got to be a pain in the bleep.

*how long have I put off the dental visit...or a doctor checkup...I need to do that.

* continue the search for a good gift for 11 year olds...sorta difficult; they are little kids no longer, but also not quite teenagers.

*check to see if a substitute is in place for Wednesday...i'd rather not be out...I need as much time with my lessons as possible..this is a short month.

*try not to cry since there is a chance the boyfriend won't be coming for Christmas...but maybe I should focus on the chance that he will?

* Smile...smile...smile...I have been too down lately..sometimes not being able to pinpoint exactly why.

* Welcome my sister home from college...money problems have forced to come back here...I want her to feel welcome and accepted..and not feel like a failure...I don't care if her college doesn't hold some prestigious name...as long as she finishes her education...i think that is all that matters...

*Laugh, laugh, laugh...It does wonders for mind and body.

* Do my Rock Cycle lesson this week.....using crayons, aluminum foil, and heat to represent sedimentary, igneous, metamorphic rocks, weathering, erosion, and deposition....well, here is hoping this year's batch of students Gets it lol

*ohhh and teaching the rock cycle poem to the tune of Row, Row, Row your boat...maybe they will remember it for a lifetime lol

*Explaining why I didn't go to the "office" Christmas Party...being told over and over again to bring your spouse or significant other
kinda took the mood away for me since mine isn't around...felt weird going alone...wish i was one of those extroverted-life of the party ppl sometimes... I'm the wallflower type...don't do parties much anyway...now if there was a Karaoke machine..well, maybe that might have been a motivator lol

*Find a new face wash/moisturizer/exfoliator somethingorother....man, my skin is Dry!!

* Take the nieces to see the Polar Express....the book was wonderful...in fact...Chris Van Allsburg is greatly recommended for any child elementary age

*again...try not to cry because the boyfriend might not come....or because you need things to change.

*when the weekendscomes around again...go out and have a nice, fullfilling time....don't hole yourself up for most of it like you did this weekend.

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